Thursday, August 26, 2010

Long Day Ahead

Tonight after I get out of class at 9pm we will be heading on a 4.5 hour drive downstate. Some of you may be asking why we are leaving so late. Well it's pretty simple. One, I have class tonight and I am not one to miss class. Two, Maggie should sleep the whole way. We have done this trip three times now with Maggie and it seems the best to leave at night. When we leave during the day she can easily add on 2-3 hours on to our drive due to all of the stops we make to feed and change her. The last time we drove down there it took us over six hours.

I slept in late so I can do most of the driving (I usually do all of the driving). The drive isn't that bad. We've made it over 30 times now since we've been together. We have noticed it gets a little more difficult with Maggie in tow. She needs more stuff than both of us combined.

This weekend should be a blast. It always is. The only bad thing is that we have to leave Sunday afternoon. I have class in the morning and the wife has to work. Wish us luck on that one.

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