Tuesday, August 3, 2010

No second cup for me.

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Today it was very humid outside, and I'm sure if your in Chicago like I am you can still hear people complaining about it. Which is what we do in Chicago is bitch about the weather. Unless it's February and everyone is miserable. I would like to thank the rain this morning for making it so humid today, and for causing me to miss my second cup of coffee this morning. My wife and daughter got caught in the rain when they were walking to the library. My wife texts me asking if I can pick them up because Maggie is super pissed because of the rain. She says take your time, so I grab my keys and rush over to pick them up. My wife says I have done my knight in shinning armor deed for the day. By the time I got back the coffee was cold. :(

We live in the neighborhood called Roscoe Village, located in the light blue area of the map below. This map as I see is not real accurate. I've never heard of of a central part of Chicago. We call it the Loop. We love this neighborhood. There is so much to walk to. We now also have three street fests which means three weekends a year there is no parking. So we just stay home. We have a lot of bars and restaurants very close by, not that we go out anymore, although we went to brunch on Sunday. Felt good to be out with both of my ladies. We would like to stay in this hood but the housing prices a up there.

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Maggie's first tooth should be her any day now. Her teeth are really bothering her. Had run out for bananas and bags for out Sassy self feeder. Baby's R Us was out of them so we just used another feeder we don't like as much. So I get to go back tomorrow to see if they came in. I'm glad its only a block away. We were looking at toy kitchen sets while we were there to get her for Christmas or her birthday. I think we found a good one. But don't tell Maggie.

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