Friday, January 21, 2011

Freezing Friday.

It's 9 degrees right now here in Chicago. Don't you wish you where here enjoying this fine weather? Maggie and I have been inside all day and are not planning anytime soon. Just too cold to take her outside. So we have been entertaining ourselves today. I just wish Maggie would stop pulling her socks off. Lil stinker. She will take the socks off and them hand them too you. She's like me and likes to be barefoot.

Maggie now is getting teeth on the top of her mouth. It's kind of exciting to see all these changes. Next thing you know the Tooth Fairy will be coming by and leaving Maggie some cash. I used to get a quarter. What is the going rate now? I'm guessing somewhere around five dollars.

Now we just got to stay warm. I have to admit I kinda like the electric blanket that I let the wife get with our gift cards. Keeps you nice and cozy.


  1. Ava takes her socks off too! She has since birth...I have to basically distract her nonstop after putting them on until she finally forgets...pain in the butt!

  2. I hate it when they take their shoes and socks off. I'm driving around town, we get to our destination and I look back at the kids and they both are bare foot. Don't they realize it already takes me ten minutes longer getting out of the car than it used to take me before they came along, now I have to put their socks and shoes back on them too...

  3. I have SUCH cabin fever! I can't wait for the weather to be warm again....