Thursday, April 28, 2011

Suddenly We Have a Toddler.

Last week we still kind of had a baby with Maggie. Still crawling around, doing a lot of da da das. This week, not so much. New words are boots and cheese. She's walking like crazy now, we stand her up and she's off. Maggie is doing a lot more walking on her own, as in she will let go of the wall and walk to something else all by her self. What happened to our baby? She is also a lot more verbal. I never get tired of hearing her talk. That might change in fifteen years though.

Maggie can't pull herself up yet, unless she is holding on to something, but once she stands up she's off tho the races. She still will try to crawl, but for the most part she is trying to walk now. I'm so proud of her. She walks like Frankenstein's Monster (that's Franc-in-steen).

Today was also a daddy day. I got Maggie out of crib and all she wanted was her daddy. I was getting ready this morning and I kept hearing DADA. The wife brought her to me and she was holding out her arms crying. I was holding her and bam, no crying. It's been like that all day today. Makes me smile and stick the tongue out at the wife too. Hehe

We are playing our favorite game of "slam the door on daddy"


  1. They do grow up fast. I'm sure you've heard this before but I will say it too, Enjoy these times.

    And, your life changes again when you all of a sudden have a toddler. Some of it for the better. With a toddler you can start doing more and different things.

    But they are also doing more and different things, if you know what I mean. Enjoy.

  2. gabe is clapping and pulling his legs in a little when he army crawls. i know any day it's going to be real crawling and im going to cry. however, he is going to need to keep up with his girlfriend!

  3. Very cute and adorable.. XD

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