Monday, September 20, 2010

Wave Hello.

Maggie just learned to wave the other day. She picked it up pretty fast. She also gave me a mini high-five. She catches on to stuff pretty well.
Yesterday after we had had a good day she woke up screaming from her late afternoon nap. I first thought it was the neighbors and there constant watching of the X-Files really loud. I think it was her teeth though. Still no teeth, but we know there coming. It took me a while to calm her down. I finally had to give her a self feeder with a frozen banana. That hit the spot for her. She was in a great mood after that.
She is also learning how to smile for the camera. She will see the camera and smile, and after the camera goes off she will look at you like "you took the picture already". I guess after the thousands of photos we have taken of her she picked that up too.

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