Thursday, October 11, 2012

Five for Friday: Five cute things that my daughters do.

1. Maggie used to say this and it needs to be recorded. When she wanted to be picked up she would say "up you." Too damn cute. I miss it.

2. Lucy smiles every time she sees me. I love her smile.

3. Maggie Told me just this morning that her heart belongs to daddy. Well she's right. Made my day.

4. Lucy will stick her finger up to her mouth like she is telling you to shush.

5. Hearing Maggie (and Lucy soon) telling me she loves me every day.

It's been a while

Yes it has been a long time. School is making me very busy. I am actually at the hospital now. I have some free time so I shall blog.

I have discovered that along with this very hectic school that it is very hard to be a stay at home parent. I'm still home with the girls 3-4 days a week when the wife is working. I know not doing the best job, but I am doing my best. With school I spend a lot of time out of house and I don't really like leaving the house when I'm home.

I feel bad because we have a great park down the street and I need to take girls there more. Especially now that Lucy is being more active. She wants to walk by herself so bad!

Yesterday I went down stairs to switch laundry and when I came up Lucy had scooted (she still doesn't crawl) all the way to an end table and lifted herself up. She was smiling at me after I freaked out when I didn't see her in middle of the room where I left her.

I am doing better with them every day.
I have drastically cut Maggie's tv time down because she was watching it too much. She loves watching tv but I limit it to when I trying to get chores done, or before I have my coffee. I can see why some parents just plop their kids in front of it all day, but kids need to be playing.

I never really knew potty training would be so hard. Maggie will change day to day whether she wants to use the potty or not. I try to put her in undies, but she is 2 and wants what she wants. She is getting better on telling me when she has a dirty diaper though .

School is winding down so you should see some more posts coming soon.