Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's been a while

Yes it has been a long time. School is making me very busy. I am actually at the hospital now. I have some free time so I shall blog.

I have discovered that along with this very hectic school that it is very hard to be a stay at home parent. I'm still home with the girls 3-4 days a week when the wife is working. I know not doing the best job, but I am doing my best. With school I spend a lot of time out of house and I don't really like leaving the house when I'm home.

I feel bad because we have a great park down the street and I need to take girls there more. Especially now that Lucy is being more active. She wants to walk by herself so bad!

Yesterday I went down stairs to switch laundry and when I came up Lucy had scooted (she still doesn't crawl) all the way to an end table and lifted herself up. She was smiling at me after I freaked out when I didn't see her in middle of the room where I left her.

I am doing better with them every day.
I have drastically cut Maggie's tv time down because she was watching it too much. She loves watching tv but I limit it to when I trying to get chores done, or before I have my coffee. I can see why some parents just plop their kids in front of it all day, but kids need to be playing.

I never really knew potty training would be so hard. Maggie will change day to day whether she wants to use the potty or not. I try to put her in undies, but she is 2 and wants what she wants. She is getting better on telling me when she has a dirty diaper though .

School is winding down so you should see some more posts coming soon.

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