Friday, February 25, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Sucky Things about Having a Sick Kid.

Maggie has been sick for a bit. Finally after getting a fever Wed. night we took her in the doctor on Thursday.

1. Having to sit at the Dr.'s office for 2 hours.Like the wife did yesterday. I've already had to do it once myself. Not fun.

2. Having the kids not be there selves. You know crabby and tired. No fun either.

3. Being stuck in the house. With a sick kid you really don't want to take them out in the cold.

4. Remembering to give them all of the medicines. Hell I barely remember to take my own.

5. Cleaning up all of the snot and other stuff that may come out of them. I've been wiping Maggie's nose non stop all day. At least she is feeling better today. But we clean up all of the snot and poop because some day they will have to do it for us, and that we love them.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fever and Snot Bubbles

Maggie had a fever this morning of 103.2, so the wife took her to the doctor. Turns out Maggie had a double ear infection. Pretty bad too from what the doctor said. She never really was out of her norm. She has just been a little fussy and the ear infection. She woke up at 2:30 the other morning. The wife was telling me to go get her and I was so out of I don't even remember this happening. Apparently I dropped a few F bombs in the process. Well mow we know why she was up in the middle of the night. We thought it was just her teeth. I'm just glad she's feeling better already.

She has just got snot bubbles coming out of her nose all the time. Poor baby, we keep wiping her nose and more comes out. The wife will suction her nose from time to time (I hate the bulb syringe, had a traumatic experience with it when I was about 7). It will work for a bit, and then more wiping.

Just me and Maggie all weekend. I call it sweat pant time. I really have no plans on leaving the house so I stay comfy all weekend. We may need to leave if we get the paperwork in the mail though. Which would be fine with me. I need an excuse to get out of house. I will be reading to my little book worm all weekend. Maggie always wants to look at books and have stories read to her. We don't mind one bit. She gets it from both of us. I have a stack of books on my night stand and I use my library a lot. I just logged on to the CPL site and see the Twain autobiography is on its way. I think I will be better of buying this one. I've already got plans for when we get a house to make an office/library. I love books, and so does Maggie. We read to her every day. She can also spend 15mins by herself reading to herself. Got to love it.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Five for Friday: Five things that happened this past week.

Hello again. This past week was not too shabby.

1. All the snow melted from our blizzard finally. Bye bye snow.

2. We actually got to spend some time out doors. The weather was beautiful.

3. Maggie got to go to story time for the first time in two weeks. She had been sick for a bit. The regular lady retired, so there is a new lady reading story time.

4. We can see another tooth coming in. Yay teeth!

5. Maggie has been super clingy. We are still trying to figure out why.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oops I did it again....

Yes folks I turned on Britney Spears. Why you ask? Because my little princess likes to listen to music, and as I was informed today that Maggie loves Britney. She actually did the sign for more (we've been teaching her baby sign language)  when my wife turned the music off. She was in a bad mood after her bath so daddy went and turned it on for her and she started dancing. She loves music. When I am with her I play the classics, AC/DC (she had a onesie for them), The Who, Stones, and old hair metal. But our favorite to listen to together is Prince. Yes go ahead and judge this old metal head, but Prince is the shit (best Super Bowl halftime show ever, but that's just my opinion but I could be wrong). What can I say, we love listening to music. I'm trying to get this Britney song out of my head. First it was Copa Cabana then Girls just wanna have fun (wife was playing those).

Grandma and Grandpa are coming tomorrow night. I have to say I always like when her grandfather comes, because I never had one. I really want Maggie to be close to all of her grandparents. I was really only close to one of my grandmothers. I miss her a lot. When I younger and around her we were best friends. I still remember her lighting her old gas oven at her old apartment in San Francisco and heating me up fresh croissants (still my favorite). Grandparents are always welcome. They never have to bring Maggie anything (yeah like that will happen :). Grandparents don't spoil their grandkids, do they?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Perfect Day For The Zoo

We all slept in a little and I made waffles for breakfast this morning. We picked a great day to go the zoo. There was hardly anybody there and a lot of animals out that we hardly ever see. Such as the Siberian Tiger (my favorite of the big cats). I don't think I have ever seen him outside in the open air. As soon as Maggie saw him, she started waving. So cute. The tiger came up and said hello to us. Maggie pulled her hand away every time he walked by. Maggie also like the gorillas. We got to watch one of them play with a computer. It was really kinda cool.

We got home and Maggie took a long nap. So long I had to go wake her up so she can eat dinner. She needed to rest. She has been having such a hard time with teething. She has been waking up around 11pm every night screaming. Last night it was a combo of that and a slight case of diaper rash. She rarely gets them thanks to the cloth diapers, but when she gets them (thanks to getting my sensitive skin) they can hurt pretty bad. So far tonight she has been asleep with no problems.

Back to just her and me tomorrow. I think it is supposed to be nice outside. So I think we may go on a walk when I get home from school.

Here kitty kitty

Maggie is hiding at dinner. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring Fever.

It was a wonderful 49 degrees today in Chicago. Yes it is still cool, but after spending over a month in sub-freezing temps and the 3rd worst snowfall in Chicago history, it was gorgeous day.

I went to a nerdy comic book show earlier today. Yes I know I'm a huge nerd. I did pick up a really cool Star Wars comic though.

I did get a chance after to get Maggie and myself outside for a bit. Felt so good after being inside for two whole days. If it is like this on Tuesday we might go to the zoo.

In other news Maggie is being super clingy. Especial with me. Usually she is just clingy with mommy. I wonder if this is a phase, or is it just the teeth coming in? Both of her top two teeth are really coming in. The wife thinks she will have a gap. I hope not. I had one and had to get minor surgery to remove it. Not very fun when your seven.

Let's hope this winter is over with. Ready to get outside and be active.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Random Things About Me.

Happy Friday everyone. Hope it is going well. Anybody else ready for this damn snow to melt? I wish I was sitting on a beach sipping mojitos and smoking a fine cigar.

Here we go....

1. The car I drive now is the first car I've ever owned that was an automatic. I have been driving manual transmissions since I was 16. I prefer manual over automatic, except in Chicago traffic.

2. I have lived in 5 states. In just about every climate.I have also been to over 30 states.

3. I enjoy tennis, snow skiing, and golf. All require sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen!

4. I enjoy smoking various meats. You name it, I can smoke it.

5. Maggie is one of the best things that has ever happened. She has taught me so much.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Five for Friday: 5 Great Things About the New Baby

Here we go.

1. It's twice the fun! Or twice the diapers. I'm gonna need another camera.

2. Twice the work. Wait ... what? But Twice the reward!

3. Two kids is better than one! I'm one step closer to having all the kids do all the house work. Hehe

4.Twice the love to spread around.

5.Siblings. I am an only child and always wished I had a brother or sister. It got lonely at times.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some more blizzard 2011 pictures.

I took these this morning when I took a peek outside. Everything is cancelled today. It is almost like a ghost town. I haven't heard a single car drive by, which is rare. But how could they? there is soooooo much snow. I probably won't have class tomorrow either. This is the most snow I've ever seen in one storm. so far we've gotten 20'' and its not done snowing yet thanks to lake effect snow.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hey Look I'm Doing a Wordless Wednesday.

I'm sure I will have a nice long post later due to being snowed in.