Friday, March 16, 2012

10000 Page Views.

Now that is awesome. Thanks everyone!

Maggie Just Handed Me A Booger...

Yes, you read that right. Then she pointed to her nose and told me that is where it came from. Yep, that's right, I am Super Dad. Nothing phases me! OK that was a little on the gross side.

I have had one heck of a week. I paid off my car. We spent all day Wednesday shopping and finally got a double stroller for the girls. Finally I can take the girls on a walk and not have to worry about chasing Maggie around everywhere. Like I did at IKEA all day. That little toddler can move and never seems to run out of energy.

We finally got some new patio furniture. I finished putting it together today. Looks really good in our back yard. I think we shall have to have a few beers to break the new stuff in.

The diaper washing never seems to end. I think we average a load about every 1.5 days. As I am typing this there is a load in the wash right now. With all of this warm weather we have been having here in Chicago it is a great excuse to take the kids outside and hang the diapers. The sun bleaches the natural fibers in the diapers. It is almost like magic. I have seen some pretty bad looking diapers come out almost new looking.

Lucy is finally feeling better after running a temperature all week. Poor thing has had trouble getting to sleep. She gave me a big smile when she saw me this morning. Makes my day when she smiles. Her whole face lights up. Maggie's face doesn't light up as much. Not to say I don't like Maggie's smile. I do love it when she smiles while gritting her teeth.

Five for Friday: Five Reasons Why We Had A Great Week

What can I say. We had a great week. A lot of different things going on here and I am only going to get busier.

1. Got our Tax Return. It helps to have children and go to school to get a good refund.

2. Went to IKEA and picked out our new kitchen. I cannot wait for the new kitchen. Our kitchen now is from the 1950's. NO counter space whatsoever.

3. The wife went out yesterday and bought a Kindle Fire. I dig it. I still want an Ipad, but I didn't want to shell out that much cash. Especially when we are getting a new kitchen.

4. Paid off my car!! Now send me my title! Now to pick out a new car for the wife.

5. Took my first test this week. I did well, but not as well as I would have liked. Although the test format was new to me and to the school. Still need to work out the bugs.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Five for Friday: Five TIhings I Played With Maggie Today.

1. Cash register. We made several transactions on her Fisher Price cash register. I wanted a real one when I was around six. Santa brought me the Fisher Price one and I was a little mad. I think I threw a fit. I remember being sad that Santa didn't bring me a real one.

2. Bed. One of Maggie's favorite games is to roll around on mommy and daddy's bed. It's big and its soft. She will drag me back to our room and pat the bed and say "dada, bed." She unmakes the bed on a daily basis.

3. Snap dress-up dolly things. There are some kind of dolls that have plastic snap-on clothes. I was told to sit down, so I did and played with her for a bit. Until Lucy started crying.

4. I chased her around the house a few times today.

5. I put the girls high chairs together facing each other so they could play footsies and crack each other up.