Friday, March 16, 2012

Maggie Just Handed Me A Booger...

Yes, you read that right. Then she pointed to her nose and told me that is where it came from. Yep, that's right, I am Super Dad. Nothing phases me! OK that was a little on the gross side.

I have had one heck of a week. I paid off my car. We spent all day Wednesday shopping and finally got a double stroller for the girls. Finally I can take the girls on a walk and not have to worry about chasing Maggie around everywhere. Like I did at IKEA all day. That little toddler can move and never seems to run out of energy.

We finally got some new patio furniture. I finished putting it together today. Looks really good in our back yard. I think we shall have to have a few beers to break the new stuff in.

The diaper washing never seems to end. I think we average a load about every 1.5 days. As I am typing this there is a load in the wash right now. With all of this warm weather we have been having here in Chicago it is a great excuse to take the kids outside and hang the diapers. The sun bleaches the natural fibers in the diapers. It is almost like magic. I have seen some pretty bad looking diapers come out almost new looking.

Lucy is finally feeling better after running a temperature all week. Poor thing has had trouble getting to sleep. She gave me a big smile when she saw me this morning. Makes my day when she smiles. Her whole face lights up. Maggie's face doesn't light up as much. Not to say I don't like Maggie's smile. I do love it when she smiles while gritting her teeth.

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