Thursday, April 28, 2011

Suddenly We Have a Toddler.

Last week we still kind of had a baby with Maggie. Still crawling around, doing a lot of da da das. This week, not so much. New words are boots and cheese. She's walking like crazy now, we stand her up and she's off. Maggie is doing a lot more walking on her own, as in she will let go of the wall and walk to something else all by her self. What happened to our baby? She is also a lot more verbal. I never get tired of hearing her talk. That might change in fifteen years though.

Maggie can't pull herself up yet, unless she is holding on to something, but once she stands up she's off tho the races. She still will try to crawl, but for the most part she is trying to walk now. I'm so proud of her. She walks like Frankenstein's Monster (that's Franc-in-steen).

Today was also a daddy day. I got Maggie out of crib and all she wanted was her daddy. I was getting ready this morning and I kept hearing DADA. The wife brought her to me and she was holding out her arms crying. I was holding her and bam, no crying. It's been like that all day today. Makes me smile and stick the tongue out at the wife too. Hehe

We are playing our favorite game of "slam the door on daddy"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Couldn't Stand the Weather

The weather her in Chicago has been awful this spring. We get one nice day and then four days of cold and rainy. Just when you want to get outside and do something, the weather turns crappy. We try to make the most of it. When it is nice we try and get outside and go for a walk or go to the park.

It was nice today, which is a huge turn around from the rain and forty degree temps from yesterday. I wanted to get out this morning, but Maggie was running a little bit of a temp, so we didn't get out today. We got out after Maggie woke up from her nap. It felt great to get outside today.

Out for a stroll today.

In other news, Maggie is getting much better with the walking. She will stand up and let go of me to tell you to pick her up. I got her to walk about four feet by herself today. She is standing on her own more and more. She stood up by me today, let go and started dancing to the music. Too damn cute. I'm glad she is getting better at standing and walking. She is 16 mos after all.

Maggie is also talking a bit more. Her new word for this week is "cheese". She kept saying it at lunch time, so I gave her a slice of cheese. Gobbled it right down.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Seek and Destroy

Maggie looking for eggs at playgroup this week. 

Five for Friday: Five Reasons Why Maggie is a 'Lil Stinker.

1. She likes to keep food in her mouth for hours on end. We will feed her lunch and find a piece of food in her mouth hours later. We have to check her mouth before she goes down for a nap.

2. We can't eat anything in front of her. Maggie will see you eat and come over and want some. Doesn't even matter what your eating, she wants some.

3. Maggie will point at something and sign more. She can see something from across from the room and point and sign more more more really fast. Its funny as hell.

4. She can't go anywhere without her B. Her favorite Lovie is a pink classic Pooh. For some odd reason she has loved it since she was two months old. We had three of them. One is MIA and we are always on Ebay looking for more. She will never go to sleep with out her Beatrice.

5. Every time I am in the bathroom, she always comes to the door and starts knocking and calling for me. DA DA! She knocks on every door now too.
This is a month ago the first night she stood up on her own. Was not a fan. 

Maggie decided to cheer for the Bulls.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Train Kept A Rollin'

Busy busy busy. That's how I have been lately. I am on spring break and I am still exhausted. No rest for the wicked. Maggie keeps me very busy these days. That 'Lil Stinker doesn't miss a beat. She is learning something new every day. She already knows how to use a credit card at the store.

I know it has been a while since a post. I started writing last weeks Five five Friday and I had to reboot. Blogger didn't feel like saving it for me. So I didn't feel like rewriting it. I think I shall use the topic for this Friday's post. Stay tuned.

Our being busy started last weekend with the unfortunate passing of a close friend of my in-laws and my brother in-laws best friend. He lost his battle with brain cancer after living longer than the doctors gave him. I only hung out with him a few times and I don't think I have ever met a nicer guy. The wife was pretty upset the night we found out. She had known him for twenty years and worked with him for a short time. The wife and Maggie drove down to St. Louis in the morning while I was in class and then I flew down after. I don't think there was a dry eye when they played Taps (he was in Afghanistan when he found out). We came back after the service and went right back to it.

Maggie is just learning new stuff at a really fast pace. We were at the store and she was holding my check card and leaned down to swipe the damn thing! Tonight she learned how to get down off the couch feet first and she is trying to stand on her own. Why is my princess growing up so fast?

The wife is doing great with being pregnant and all. I really am proud of her for doing what she does. She's working full time while I go to school. I may not be working at this time but I am trying to make a better life for my family and that is what keeps me going. She has another ultrasound Thursday and I will be taking Maggie to playgroup. I haven't been to playgroup in so long. I hope they still have that great coffee there.

Since it was my spring break, and since the wife was working this Monday, I took Maggie to story time. My mom was in town, so she went with us. I get to the library and walk back to the room and it is closed. So I go to the main desk and ask if they have moved story time. Turns out the librarian was off this week. I have to admit I was looking forward to it (see surviving story time post).

Well the train that is me keeps on rollin'. I really need to catch up on some sleep. Maybe when the kids are in college? Yeah I didn't think so, I would worry about them too much.

Maggie decided she would learn to use a stool one day. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Five for Friday: 5 Songs That Put me in a Better Mood.

It has been a rough week. These are in no particular order. Some of these bands you may have never heard of. Also, they may be a little on the heavy side.

1. Dead Horse-Rock Lobster. Yes the B-52s Rock Lobster. This version is up tempo and a lot more guitars and drums. It rocks.

2. The Who-Baba O'Riley. Love this song. Had to turn it on cause I was thinking about it.

3. Queen-Stone Cold Crazy. One of their faster tunes. Kick ass tune. Hell anything by Queen makes me happy.
Yes, I love the Metallica version too.

4. Metallica-Whiskey in Jar. I've heard this song played in Ireland in a pub and it doesn't get better than that, but this version is pretty cool.

5. AC/DC- Let There Be Rock-Live in Paris. This song always puts a smile on my face and gets me pumped.

There are others but they are from bands you haven't heard of. These are my go-to favs. Youtube them if you want. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ride On

Just another day with myself and Maggie. We had a good day. Played a little, read some books(my little book worm, just like daddy). Went to Target and shared a pretzel. Not that I don't like being around my daughter, but I hope I can get a job soon. This staying home is getting a little old. I enjoy it for the most part, but that little part of me wants to go to work everyday and accomplish something. I'm very glad I am going to school because it is giving me something to do and better my life as well as the families.

Maggie is now going to the stereo in her room and pointing at it because she wants to hear music and dance. She did it today so we had to take a dance break. Maggie is a much better dancer than I am .

Maggie decided to take a break last week when she wasn't feeling well. 

I wonder how much harder it will be with two little ones? I hope it is easy, but I know it won't be.

Monday, April 4, 2011

So Far, So Good, So What

So I survived my weekend alone away from the wife and Maggie. I stayed busy so it wasn't too bad until Saturday night when I realized how quiet it was at home. It got a little lonely that night. Luckily I had a paper to write so it distracted. I did keep tip toeing to the bathroom when I woke up at night because I am used to Maggie sleeping, and her room is right next to the bathroom. I usually like to sleep in, but Sat I had to be at the fire house at 6am and Sunday I woke up at 8am. I was a little excited about smoking my ribs on Sunday, which turned out awesome.

If your wondering if I couldn't wait until they got home, you would be correct. I had some fun on Sunday with my smoker, but I will admit I missed them a lot. Maggie was asleep when they got home late last night. I could tell she was excited to see her daddy. When I dropped Maggie off with wife so they could leave right from work, she kept saying dada over and over again wondering were I was.

Hopefully it will be a while before they leave me home alone again. Although, I wouldn't mind a vacation for myself. I have been craving a proper pint of Guinness. Wish I could take a trip over the pond to get one. Maybe sneak in a round or four of golf. I would still miss them though.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Things I Will Do This Weekend While The Family is Gone.

Yes my family is leaving me home alone. You might be asking yourself if this is wise. Well I guess. I actually have clinical on Saturday or I would be joining them to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

1. Get the whole bed to myself. Would be nice for a change.

2. I get to wake up with an alarm clock other than Maggie. Last two weeks 730am on the button every day. I'm not kidding either. Amazing timing. wouldn't be so bad but my alarm goes off 20 min after that.

3. Call my wife at least 50 times checking on Maggie, and her of course.

4. Listen to my music louder. Time to crank it up!

5. Miss them a lot! Like I said before I have only been away from Maggie only one night.