Friday, January 14, 2011

Wait....... WHAT!?!

Everything is going well so far this year. Maggie is happy as ever. I am starting classes next week. Maggie has successfully switched over to whole milk. The cats haven't driven us mad....yet! Maggie is looking at me and saying "da da." Too cute

So the wife were sitting around the house I few weeks ago. The wife says to me "I think I am pregnant."

I say "no your not."

She then preceded to explain the reasons she is. I still disagreed. I was in denial big time.

After talking about it for a while, I stood up said "f*ck this, I'm gonna go get you a pee test and prove you wrong."

So off I went to CVS to get a pregnancy test, with a cigar in hand for luck. I didn't want to buy just the pee test (that would be embarrassing). I picked up a large box of condoms, bottle of wine, and a disposable enema, better make it two.  * I paid for my wonderful purchase and went home at my own pace. No rush.

I handed the test over to the wife, and she went into the bathroom to pee on it. I sat on the couch meanwhile reading the paper. I reading the funnies when I hear the wife shout "it's not supposed to turn that fast is it?" I then jump up and go to the bathroom and look at the stick. It has got two lines showing.

I look at box.

Look at stick.

Look at box.

Look at stick.


Your pregnant....

To quote Sam Beckett "Oh boy!"

Right then a ton of bricks fell right upon us. Big heavy mother F'ers to. After talking all night (the original plan was to kick back and have some beers) and getting a game plan together, we felt a little better.

Fast forward to now. We went to the doctor on Wednesday and everything is going fine and we are excited to bring a new member into the family. We broke the news to the wife's parent's over the weekend while the where in town to witness the wife's cousin marry god (she is Sister Jenny now). We had planned this for a couple of weeks because we knew they would be in town. Little did we know that my brother and sister-in-law are also having a baby. We found out an hour before we told the wife's parents. Everything is cool, we are beating them. We are due first. We told her parents that we got Maggie a new shirt and showed them one that said Big Sister. My mother-in-law got excited. Meanwhile my father-in-law was busy playing with his phone. We had to tell him what it said. Too funny.

I called my mom and told her too. Everyone is excited and happy for us. We have been having fun picking out girls names. The boy name was already picked out. We have a few picked out, but nothing for certain yet.

Think Maggie is worn out now, just until the new baby is here!


  1. Wow, congratulations. That is awesome. One is tiring us out, but we plan on another in the near future too.

  2. LOL that totally sounds like something my husband would do...the whole prove you wrong! Congrats!

  3. Congrats!

    Are you sure that your father-in-law didn't actually see the shirt and then start fiddling with his phone to go to his happy place because he knows exactly how your wife, his little girl, became pregnant?

  4. Congratulations!! Two kids is a lot of fun- it's great to see the sibling relationship develop! (after you sleep again, of course ;) )

  5. Good luck with baby #2! Hope he/she makes it into your blog!

  6. Congratulations!!!!!!

    Can't wait to follow along during the pregnancy and find out the sex/name/etc! Such an exciting time.

    It's funny, though. Just a month or so before this, I remember you talking about a dad at storytime with two kids...funny how life works :)