Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't stop believing

Things are finally get into a rhythm here at our house. I am still pretty busy but I am able to find time to get stuff done. The past couple weeks the only free time I had was on Sundays for my football game, then it is right back in it. Lucy is slowly making her own schedule. She is sleeping for 3-5 hours at a time. Then she wants to eat every hour.

Lucy is up to almost nine pounds. All she does is eat and eat. She also hates to be left alone. As soon as we let her down she starts crying. It has been pretty difficult for us to get a lot done because we have to hold her so much. The wife can get some stuff done by putting Lucy in the Baby Bjorn and carrying her around all day.

One thing that really keeps us (mostly the wife) busy is the diapers. I think we do a load almost everyday. Lucy goes through so many. I forgot how many diapers a newborn goes through.

Maggie is still a big help. She loves to give Lucy her soothie and she also likes to give her food when we are not looking. She tried to give Lucy a carrot one day. It kind of makes me laugh. Maggie loves to share everything with everybody. When we were at the hospital when Lucy was born, Maggie kept trying to give away her favorite toy to everyone that was walking buy in the lobby. She will also bring Lucy toys all the time and give them to her. She is such a great big sister.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Five for Friday: 5 reasons I love Autumn

It is officially Autumn now and here are five reasons I love it.

1. That first cold front out of the north. You get that first blast of cold air in your face. Makes me feel alive.

2. Birthdays and holidays. Except for Lucy all of our birthdays are in fall or early winter. So much going on this time of year. Plus Halloween!

3. Apple picking and pumpkin patches!

4. The smell of fall.

5. Football!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Reasons I have Not Been Posting.

I'm back and better than ever. Ok I really never left, but no fear I am still here. I have been super busy, but I have not forgotten about this blog. I enjoy writing on it very much and I will soon be back in full swing.

1. Work has got me pretty busy. Being in an Ambulance all day has its advantages, but being online is not one of them.

2. Lucy keeps us very busy. We can't seem to be able to put her down for anything. She will start crying until she is held again. She has to sleep with my wife and I get stuck on the edge of the bed because I roll around to much.

3. Homework. I am online a lot, but I am usually doing homework. Three of my classes are online so I am very busy writing stuff on a nightly basis.

4. Work on the house takes up any free time I have. I still have a lot of projects I haven't finished because I have more important stuff to do. Some of the things on my list are to finish changing the locks, yard work, clean out garage and basemen. The previous owners left a lot of stuff behind, most I do not mind because we can use it but a lot of it is junk.

5. I have to sleep sometime damn it! I think I average about three hours a week of TV time. Not including the 49ers games. Can't wait til Sunday! (I don't work Sundays, I have worked way too many in the 18 years I have been working and now that I have the NFL ticket I wanna watch my games damn it!) For the record Tony Romo sucks! That is all.

Maggie helped me plant tulip bulbs. Yeah I like to garden, so what.