Sunday, August 28, 2011

On The Road Again

I know it has been a while since a post, but we have been extremely busy. We are at my wife's parent's house now trying to relax. We came down on Friday and the drive was't too bad. It is nice to get away, but there is still a lot of work to be done. We have one more load of junk to move out of the apartment to the house then we can kiss the apartment goodbye. We still need to unpack though. That is a whole other monster. To give you a brief description of my average day: I get up, eat, go to apt and move stuff, go to work, go back to apt, move more stuff, go home and try to relax. During all of this I am taking care of a toddler and a newborn with the wife. Oh, I started school last week also.

Maggie is helping by feeding her sister a bottle. 
I guess I had to prioritize. I think I picked the right ones. This coming week things should be getting back to normal. I haven't forgotten about this blog, just put it aside for a bit. I am off now to relax.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Five for Friday: Five things our new daughter Lucy does.

Quick update. The closing of the house got pushed back until Monday. The bank wanted some more paperwork from both sides an hour before we were to close. Nobody was happy about this.

This weeks Five for Friday is Five things our new daughter Lucy does. I would put more pictures on here but the wife put the camera somewhere.

1. Squeaks. She does this all the time. It is like she needs some oil. It is pretty damn cute though.

2. Keeps us all busy. Diapers, Feedings and such.

3. Lucy has been lifting her head since birth. She does it every time she is hungry. It is like she is looking around and saying where the heck is the food.

4. Drives Maggie a little jealous. Maggie is still learning that she can't be with mommy all the time.

5. Keeps my wife up at night. She is such a slow eater. She will nurse for like an hour and my poor wife dozes off because it takes so long. I nudged her the other night after she dozed off. It is almost funny, but my wife is exhausted.

Laura this is for you:

Maggie is trying to get Lucy to call daddy at work. Maggie loves to talk on the phone now.  The wife took this yesterday and sent it to me. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finally, The Story of Lucy. Thus Far.

It is time to tell the story of how Lucy came to us. I'm sure you all know about the birds and the bees part, if you don't watch Cinemax after 10pm. It all started when the family went out to lunch at our favorite sandwich shop and we were enjoying a great meal and the wife says that the contraction she is having hurts really bad. I ask her if it hurts more than normal and she says "yes, really bad." This was at 12:30pm. After lunch we decide to go to Toys R Us that is right down the street from us and pick up a new breast pump since the wife was nesting like crazy. She was still having contractions and they were getting more frequent.

We got home and relaxed a bit before I was to head out and take my final exam for my class I took over the summer. The wife got a little more worried because the contractions kept coming and we decided to call her brother to come stay with her so I can go take my test. Next thing I know the wife is in the shower because her back hurt and she wanted to put hot water on it. I go in and check on her and make sure she is not in full blown labor ( I do know how to deliver babies). I am talking to her and I can see the look in her face that says this baby is on its way.

I tell her damn the test I am taking you to the hospital. I throw some clothes in a bag and grab the wife's prepacked bag along with Maggie. On the way to the hospital I call my brother in-law and tell him to meet us there. We finally get to the OB triage room and waited to see a doctor, well the wife was in there and I had to watch Maggie in the waiting room. This was about 3pm.

 My brother in-law showed up with his fiance and they took Maggie home so I can be with the wife who was 5cm already. We get sent up to the delivery room about 4pm and wait on the Doctor to come and see us. She comes in and talks to us about what is going on and such. The doctor leaves and comes back a few minutes later because the wife is in a lot of pain. She tells us to let her know when she feels like she needs to push and leaves the room. No more than sixty seconds later she feels like pushing, so I call back the doctor and let her know.

The doctor and all the nurses get ready because this baby is ready to come out. The doctor tells the wife to push no more than four times and out came little Lucy. I cut the cord and the nurse took her away to assess her and we awaited to get a good look at our new daughter and thought that was really fast. She was born at 5:05pm.

Mommy and baby are all home and healthy. Lucy is doing great and sleeping on mommy right now. Maggie loves her new sister and she has been a super big sister. We have been running into a little jealousy only when mommy is feeding Lucy and Maggie wants some attention.

Did I mention I bought the Paul McCartney tickets at 10am that very morning? We thought that if we go into the hospital on Monday the day of the show we can just give the tickets to someone. Little did we know we would have our Beatles baby that very afternoon. We named her Lucy Eleanor. Eleanor Rigby is probably my favorite Beatles song. After Lucy was born I asked the wife if she still wanted to go. She said try and stop me. I am not the biggest Beatles fan, but Sir Paul puts on one kick ass show. Of course we went and it was worth it!

Lucy less than an hour old. 

Wordless Wednesday

Maggie and Lucy (in my chair) Pic by wife

Friday, August 5, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Reasons Why Next Week Will Be Great.

It has been a while since I have done a Five for Friday and I think I have had a pretty good excuse. You know that whole baby thing? August won't be any easier for me to write on this blog, but I will do the best that I can. I will have a lot of work ahead of me.

1. We close on the house on Tuesday!

2. We get to start painting and moving stuff in to the new house.

3. We finally free ourselves from street parking and paying for laundry.

4. Lucy will be two weeks old.

5. I will start designing and planning my office and basement display of my Star Wars and sports stuff. I think I will paint the office red and gold. Go 49ers!