Friday, August 12, 2011

Five for Friday: Five things our new daughter Lucy does.

Quick update. The closing of the house got pushed back until Monday. The bank wanted some more paperwork from both sides an hour before we were to close. Nobody was happy about this.

This weeks Five for Friday is Five things our new daughter Lucy does. I would put more pictures on here but the wife put the camera somewhere.

1. Squeaks. She does this all the time. It is like she needs some oil. It is pretty damn cute though.

2. Keeps us all busy. Diapers, Feedings and such.

3. Lucy has been lifting her head since birth. She does it every time she is hungry. It is like she is looking around and saying where the heck is the food.

4. Drives Maggie a little jealous. Maggie is still learning that she can't be with mommy all the time.

5. Keeps my wife up at night. She is such a slow eater. She will nurse for like an hour and my poor wife dozes off because it takes so long. I nudged her the other night after she dozed off. It is almost funny, but my wife is exhausted.

Laura this is for you:

Maggie is trying to get Lucy to call daddy at work. Maggie loves to talk on the phone now.  The wife took this yesterday and sent it to me. 

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