Friday, February 25, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Sucky Things about Having a Sick Kid.

Maggie has been sick for a bit. Finally after getting a fever Wed. night we took her in the doctor on Thursday.

1. Having to sit at the Dr.'s office for 2 hours.Like the wife did yesterday. I've already had to do it once myself. Not fun.

2. Having the kids not be there selves. You know crabby and tired. No fun either.

3. Being stuck in the house. With a sick kid you really don't want to take them out in the cold.

4. Remembering to give them all of the medicines. Hell I barely remember to take my own.

5. Cleaning up all of the snot and other stuff that may come out of them. I've been wiping Maggie's nose non stop all day. At least she is feeling better today. But we clean up all of the snot and poop because some day they will have to do it for us, and that we love them.


  1. Ah, sorry she's sick. That is so hard when they are sick :( hard on them and us! 2 hours at the dr's office is B-R-U-T-A-L!

    Cute pick of her "hitting her dinner" a couple posts below, adorable!!!

    Happy weekend, hope everyone feels better :)

  2. I hear ya. Those days suck.

    So nice to come across another SAHD - my hubby is too.

    Thanks for linking up with me for Fledgling Friday!

  3. :-) Pretty soon she'll be all better and you can take her back to the zoo! Great tiger pic below!

  4. Poor little thing! The mental picture you painted sure does sum up parenthood though!

  5. Aww, man! So sorry she's been sick - hopefully she's better now! Having to remember and also force down their medicine is the worst - Ava hates it and spits it out...stressful!

    How's your wife feeling? Pregnancy with a toddler must be rough!