Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Perfect Day For The Zoo

We all slept in a little and I made waffles for breakfast this morning. We picked a great day to go the zoo. There was hardly anybody there and a lot of animals out that we hardly ever see. Such as the Siberian Tiger (my favorite of the big cats). I don't think I have ever seen him outside in the open air. As soon as Maggie saw him, she started waving. So cute. The tiger came up and said hello to us. Maggie pulled her hand away every time he walked by. Maggie also like the gorillas. We got to watch one of them play with a computer. It was really kinda cool.

We got home and Maggie took a long nap. So long I had to go wake her up so she can eat dinner. She needed to rest. She has been having such a hard time with teething. She has been waking up around 11pm every night screaming. Last night it was a combo of that and a slight case of diaper rash. She rarely gets them thanks to the cloth diapers, but when she gets them (thanks to getting my sensitive skin) they can hurt pretty bad. So far tonight she has been asleep with no problems.

Back to just her and me tomorrow. I think it is supposed to be nice outside. So I think we may go on a walk when I get home from school.

Here kitty kitty

Maggie is hiding at dinner. 

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