Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Cards

Hello friends, with the holidays right around the corner I wanted to share some holiday card ideas for you. Shutterfly.com has some great ideas for holiday cards, books, calenders, and so much more. We have used Shutterfly in the past to order Maggie's birth announcements (see below), and we couldn't of been happier with them. Shutterfly is great because you can design the stuff yourself, and their prices are the best around. I remember when we ordered from them their shipping was very reasonable and we received our order fast. Feel free to ask me any questions about anything that Shutterfly has to offer. Either myself or my wife can answer your questions. We are always glad to help. Happy holidays to you all.

Here are some links for some of great ideas.

Cards,stationery, and holiday-cards They have a huge selection of holiday cards.

Calendars/wall-calendars Wouldn't the grandparents love one of these?

Christmas cards These are awesome.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Blog, Therefore I Am

Wifey and the baby is asleep, so I decided to blog a little. I know I haven't had much time recently, but I am enjoying a nice beverage in a quiet house, so I feel like typing a bit.

Well in the past week it appears Maggie's feet have grown quite a bit. I put her sneakers on her and they don't fit any more. My wife was worried she would have my feet, she thinks they are small (I wear a 10.5, not that small). Now she thinks she will have her feet.

Maggie looks more like my wife every day. When she was first born she looked a lot like me, now not so much. Except for those kick ass blue eyes, those came from me. Her hair is getting so long now. I look at pictures from when she was younger and I thought she had so much hair then!

The last week has been rough around our house. Maggie was sick last week with a double ear infection. Then I was sick all last weekend. I was supposed to go out last Saturday night for the wife's 30th birthday. I was unable to go due to how sick I was and I couldn't get out of bed. I slept 20 out of 24 hours on Saturday. Sunday I was pretty much back to normal. Then on Monday the wife got sick. Luckily we are all back to normal.

Maggie loves to stand up now. She can't do it on her own yet, but she will almost fight us to help her stand up and walk with her. I walk with her quite a bit all day long. I like to put her in the pack and play so she can hang on to the sides and walk around (the wife told me this is call cruising, learn something new everyday). I like to leave her in there so she can hold herself up and learn to walk. This is an argument my wife and I have often. I like to make sure Maggie is safe, my wife has let her fall a few times. Maggie was fine but I don't like her falling on our hardwood floors. I know she will fall, but I would like for it to be as soft as possible. I think it is just being a father of a girl, but I don't like to see her hurt like that. Wife thinks I stick her in there just to ignore her, but I do it mainly to keep her safe while I work. She is 6 ft behind me and I constantly turn around at every sound. Plus we have our little games we play such as the screaming game. Maggie will scream, then I will scream. The whole time shes laughing. Gotta love it.

I have learned a lot as a father so far. I know I will lean so much more. I wouldn't give up being a father for anything. There is nothing like seeing your child smile. On the worst of days, when I see that it changes everything around. I can't wait to hear her say "I love you daddy." Yeah I'll say it, it will melt my heart every time.

This is the latest pic of my princess. I looked on my phone and I have over 500 pics. So much more to come!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Five for Friday: Five Things I Love About Thanksgiving

This week it's Five Things I Love About Thanksgiving. Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week!?

1. Football. Not the only the three games on TV, but also playing. I usually play with my friends every year. I may not get a chance to play this year if my wife ends up working that day.

2. The cold air. I love to feel a blast of cold air in my face. Makes me feel alive.

3. The beginning of Christmas. I don't put out any holiday decorations or lights until after Thanksgiving. I love putting up the lights. I plan on doing it next weekend.

4. Pumpkin pie. Esp when I make one from scratch. So good!

5. Sitting on the couch after dinner feeling all full, and yet we go back for more.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Five for Friday: Five Things I am Thinking Right Now

I am a little under the weather and I have a ton of work to do, so I will keep this brief. Here we go.

1. Man this tea is good.

2. Is it just me or is it warm in here?

3. I hope I can go out and celebrate the wife's 30th b-day tomorrow.

4. Holy crap, I can't concentrate.

5. I just want to sleep. :(

At least Maggie is feeling better. Tune in tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Teeth are Finally Here and Other Tidbits

Maggie's teeth are finally coming in. I had her on the swing the other day and I happened to catch a glimpse while she was smiling. I checked in her mouth and there they were. Two bottom teeth right in the front. I'm so glad, because she really doesn't like to eat pureed food anymore. She likes to feed herself, so we give her small bits of food.

Maggie went to the doctor today. She has been waking up at 4am the past two nights coughing. Turns out she had both ears infected. I always hated ear infections when I was young. I remember I was in fifth grade when I got my last ear infection. He gave her the pink stuff. She is already feeling better today. Unfortunately I am not. I think I am getting what she has. I hope not, we are supposed to go out for the wife's birthday on Saturday.

I lowered Maggie's crib all the way down last weekend. Felt a little too soon, but she is pulling herself up from a sitting position already. After hearing the wife's grandmother tell me about the time her first daughter climbed out of the crib and fell to the floor in the middle of the night. I'm glad I got it out of the way.

We are already making plans for Maggie's first birthday next month. I think I may be more excited than the wife. I'm gonna make Maggie her own cake to eat herself. It took me a while of arguing with the wife to get it. I had one and everyone else thought it was cute. So I we agreed on a little four inch cake. It's gonna be awesome!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Five for Friday: Five Things That I Don't Want Maggie to do, Ever.

Welcome to another Five for Friday.

Five Things That I Don't Want Maggie to do, Ever.

1. Smoke. Smoke anything! Cigarettes, mara ja wana, crack, all that bad stuff.

2. Drop out of school. She's going to college, even if I have to drag her there myself. It is up to here what to do after college, but get an education first.

3. Be afraid to ask for help. If she needs help, ask.

4. Do any drugs. Drugs are bad mmmmmmmmmmk

5. Never, never, never give up. Same advice my mom gave me.