Friday, November 19, 2010

Five for Friday: Five Things I Love About Thanksgiving

This week it's Five Things I Love About Thanksgiving. Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week!?

1. Football. Not the only the three games on TV, but also playing. I usually play with my friends every year. I may not get a chance to play this year if my wife ends up working that day.

2. The cold air. I love to feel a blast of cold air in my face. Makes me feel alive.

3. The beginning of Christmas. I don't put out any holiday decorations or lights until after Thanksgiving. I love putting up the lights. I plan on doing it next weekend.

4. Pumpkin pie. Esp when I make one from scratch. So good!

5. Sitting on the couch after dinner feeling all full, and yet we go back for more.

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