Friday, April 27, 2012

Five for Friday: Five things that are in/out in the girls world.

1. Out- "Ba Ba." This is what Maggie used to call mommy all the time. I am kind of sad to see this one go. Now it's. "mama."

2. In- Thomas the Train. Maggie asks to watch choo choo all the time. Just glad she doesn't want to watch The Chew. I just really hate that name. Who green lights this shit?

3. In- Lucy grabbing ahold of everything.

4. Out- naps on most days for Maggie. Lucy loves her naps though.

In- Maggie singing all the time. Love it and yes I sing along with her.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Turn the Page

Yes folks we are still here. Me, barely. LOL. I am staying super busy with school and we are remolding our kitchen. I was just informed that we will be installing the cabinets ourselves. It was the fact that I get to buy a bunch of new power tools that got me. I do love tools and working with my hands. I already tore down one wall and all the shelves in the pantry. Took out some stress on that wall with the sledge hammer. It opened up the kitchen so much. Here are the before and after pics.

I can't wait until the kitchen is done. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

I had a rare day off and went to C2E2 and ran into @VicvegaChi there. First time I ever met someone from Twitter in real life. I was asking his wife where they found a Chewbaca T-shirt for their little girl and he ended up asking me about gaming stuff, gave me his card and I was like "I know you!" Check out his blog. It's all about great nerd stuff! We will have to get that beer there next year (my buddy and I our are prob gonna do all weekend  package, hehe.)  Hope to see you there! 

Maggie is going to play group two days a week at our local park. She calls it "park school." I have taken her twice now and I like a little better than the 300 kids at our church playgroup. That can get a little crazy.

Maggie is now obsessed with our Kindle Fire. She knows how to turn it on and turn on Netflix to watch Thomas the Train, which is her new favorite show.

Lucy is getting so big and interacting with us more and more. She loves to pull hair and laugh at whatever Maggie does. We are trying to get Lucy to crawl but we think she just wants to be held all the time. We are trying to force her to crawl and such, but she is a lot like her daddy and is not very patient. She is slowly getting there. We are still awaiting that first tooth too. Her younger cousin already beat her with his first tooth.

I will try to have a Five for Friday this week. I should have a chance this week. I have actually started a few posts and got distracted by the kids, wife, or homework.

In other news I rocked my test today. I rule!