Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1 No More.

Maggie will be turning two on Thursday and tonight is her last night of being one. I think Maggie is really excited for her birthday tomorrow. She is still awake in her bed crying for mommy who is making cookies right now. I have already been in there several times. We almost had her sleeping in her big girl bed, but I went in there one last time and she wanted to go back into her toddler bed. I think she finally passed out.

I was scheduled to work because I forgot to ask for Thursday off from work. Luckily a supervisor tonight made some phone calls and got me to switch with some one. I know she is too young to remember it, but I would remember that I was not there all day.

We were in the hospital two years ago tonight. It would be our last night without children. We were in the hospital because the wife's blood pressure was high (I have to remind myself not to use medical language here, lots of abbreviations!). The doctors induced the wife the next morning and Maggie was born about twelve hours later.

We will no longer have two children under two. The terrible twos have already begun but I'm sure they might get a little worse even though Maggie is such a good girl. I think it won't be too bad. Our little princess is getting so big!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

2 Cute

My Maggie will be turning two a few days before Christmas and she was the best Christmas present I have ever received. I just got back from a late trip to Toys R Us to get Maggie some birthday presents. I picked up a doctor play set and some new stuff for her doll house. I already got her some books (you can never have enough books) and I think she will be very excited about all of her gifts. I think I may be more excited to see her open the presents.

Lucy just loves to look at mommy or daddy and make all sorts of noise and smile. She is such a happy baby. Except when you are trying to do the dishes and she gets fussy every time. Then I get in trouble for not doing the dishes. I cannot wait until we redo the kitchen and put in a dishwasher. When I am feeding Lucy she will look at me and smile. Its so cute.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Five for Friday: My Five Favorite Christmas Songs (its not what you think)

Here are five of my favorite Christmas songs. They aren't the typical ones you here everyday on the radio.

1. Dominick the Donkey. What a great song! Santa visits his paisans you know. 

2. Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron. Yea this really isn't a Christmas song, but it is on the Snoopy Christmas Album that I had on vinyl when I was a kid. I used to play this over and over again. Still do actually.

3. Snoopy's Christmas. On the same album I had and I think I played this on more. Just great songs!

4. Let it Snow. No, not the usual one. This one is Twisted Sister's version and it Rocks.

5. Charlie Brown Christmas. You know the one where everyone is dancing while Linus is jammin on the piano. They always play it on the radio this time of year.

School's out and I'm still busy.

School is out and I still busy. Two young kids keep you very busy. If they both don't need you at the same time, they seem to switch off crying. I'm even busy with all of the holiday stuff too. Gotta go get this and run this errand. That reminds me, I need to pick up more stamps.

As I am writing this, Lucy is in the swing fighting to stay awake and fussing. She is still learning to calm herself down. Maggie just passed out in her bed for nap time. The wife is out shopping and it is all up to me to take care of the girls. Heck I am still in my PJ's.

My mom is in town visiting the girls for her birthday.She came up to take Maggie shopping for her birthday which is next week. I can't believe our little princess will be 2. We got her some really cool birthday gifts. Daddy got her a set of books that are princesses. Shh don't tell Maggie but Santa got her a baby doll that goes in the bath tub.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This is what happens when toddler gets a hold of the baby powder when she is supposed to be sleeping. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Things I Love About the Holiday Season.

1. My Princess's birthday! My little girl turns 2. The greatest Christmas present I ever received was Maggie. We brought her home on Christmas Eve.

2. Christmas lights. I love to look at the lights and I am excited to take Maggie to see the Lincoln Park Zoo lights.

3. People caring. This time of the year it seems that people care a little but more and give a little more to charity. It should be this way year round, but that is a long shot.

4. Buying presents. I like seeing the look on peoples faces when someone gets a great gift. I'm  not the greatest gift buyer, but I always try hard.

5. Holiday treats! Nuff said.

Silver Bells

The Holiday Season is upon us. I hope everyone is enjoying it so far. We are off to a great start and on Black Friday we did some great shopping and I put up the Christmas Lights outside. I got a bunch from Home Depot that were on a Black Friday special. The lights are LEDs and I think they look pretty damn good. We also got a new camera earlier that morning. I really like our new camera a lot and in the week we have had it I have already  taken more that 300 pictures.

The tree is up and we only have half of the tree covered with ornaments. This would be due to a little toddler called Maggie. She just loves to pull them off of the tree. On Monday she took a little cat ornament and put it in her bed and had to show me that the cat was sleeping and told me shhhhh.

Lucy is up to 15 lbs already. She is growing so fast. I went to playgroup today and I saw some little girls that were around 12 months. I realized that I really don't remember Maggie being that small and walking around. Sure she was that small and walking around, but it almost seems she just skipped over it. I told the wife that will be Lucy in about six months. I am not ready for that.

My Holiday Ale collection. All 3 will be opened. It gets better with age and it is really good after a year. Can't wait to try it after two years. 

Here we are waiting in line for the Black Friday sale at Target.

My lights. The bushes have colored lights now.