Wednesday, December 21, 2011

1 No More.

Maggie will be turning two on Thursday and tonight is her last night of being one. I think Maggie is really excited for her birthday tomorrow. She is still awake in her bed crying for mommy who is making cookies right now. I have already been in there several times. We almost had her sleeping in her big girl bed, but I went in there one last time and she wanted to go back into her toddler bed. I think she finally passed out.

I was scheduled to work because I forgot to ask for Thursday off from work. Luckily a supervisor tonight made some phone calls and got me to switch with some one. I know she is too young to remember it, but I would remember that I was not there all day.

We were in the hospital two years ago tonight. It would be our last night without children. We were in the hospital because the wife's blood pressure was high (I have to remind myself not to use medical language here, lots of abbreviations!). The doctors induced the wife the next morning and Maggie was born about twelve hours later.

We will no longer have two children under two. The terrible twos have already begun but I'm sure they might get a little worse even though Maggie is such a good girl. I think it won't be too bad. Our little princess is getting so big!

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