Thursday, December 1, 2011

Silver Bells

The Holiday Season is upon us. I hope everyone is enjoying it so far. We are off to a great start and on Black Friday we did some great shopping and I put up the Christmas Lights outside. I got a bunch from Home Depot that were on a Black Friday special. The lights are LEDs and I think they look pretty damn good. We also got a new camera earlier that morning. I really like our new camera a lot and in the week we have had it I have already  taken more that 300 pictures.

The tree is up and we only have half of the tree covered with ornaments. This would be due to a little toddler called Maggie. She just loves to pull them off of the tree. On Monday she took a little cat ornament and put it in her bed and had to show me that the cat was sleeping and told me shhhhh.

Lucy is up to 15 lbs already. She is growing so fast. I went to playgroup today and I saw some little girls that were around 12 months. I realized that I really don't remember Maggie being that small and walking around. Sure she was that small and walking around, but it almost seems she just skipped over it. I told the wife that will be Lucy in about six months. I am not ready for that.

My Holiday Ale collection. All 3 will be opened. It gets better with age and it is really good after a year. Can't wait to try it after two years. 

Here we are waiting in line for the Black Friday sale at Target.

My lights. The bushes have colored lights now. 

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