Friday, December 16, 2011

School's out and I'm still busy.

School is out and I still busy. Two young kids keep you very busy. If they both don't need you at the same time, they seem to switch off crying. I'm even busy with all of the holiday stuff too. Gotta go get this and run this errand. That reminds me, I need to pick up more stamps.

As I am writing this, Lucy is in the swing fighting to stay awake and fussing. She is still learning to calm herself down. Maggie just passed out in her bed for nap time. The wife is out shopping and it is all up to me to take care of the girls. Heck I am still in my PJ's.

My mom is in town visiting the girls for her birthday.She came up to take Maggie shopping for her birthday which is next week. I can't believe our little princess will be 2. We got her some really cool birthday gifts. Daddy got her a set of books that are princesses. Shh don't tell Maggie but Santa got her a baby doll that goes in the bath tub.

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