Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fever and Snot Bubbles

Maggie had a fever this morning of 103.2, so the wife took her to the doctor. Turns out Maggie had a double ear infection. Pretty bad too from what the doctor said. She never really was out of her norm. She has just been a little fussy and the ear infection. She woke up at 2:30 the other morning. The wife was telling me to go get her and I was so out of I don't even remember this happening. Apparently I dropped a few F bombs in the process. Well mow we know why she was up in the middle of the night. We thought it was just her teeth. I'm just glad she's feeling better already.

She has just got snot bubbles coming out of her nose all the time. Poor baby, we keep wiping her nose and more comes out. The wife will suction her nose from time to time (I hate the bulb syringe, had a traumatic experience with it when I was about 7). It will work for a bit, and then more wiping.

Just me and Maggie all weekend. I call it sweat pant time. I really have no plans on leaving the house so I stay comfy all weekend. We may need to leave if we get the paperwork in the mail though. Which would be fine with me. I need an excuse to get out of house. I will be reading to my little book worm all weekend. Maggie always wants to look at books and have stories read to her. We don't mind one bit. She gets it from both of us. I have a stack of books on my night stand and I use my library a lot. I just logged on to the CPL site and see the Twain autobiography is on its way. I think I will be better of buying this one. I've already got plans for when we get a house to make an office/library. I love books, and so does Maggie. We read to her every day. She can also spend 15mins by herself reading to herself. Got to love it.
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