Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring Fever.

It was a wonderful 49 degrees today in Chicago. Yes it is still cool, but after spending over a month in sub-freezing temps and the 3rd worst snowfall in Chicago history, it was gorgeous day.

I went to a nerdy comic book show earlier today. Yes I know I'm a huge nerd. I did pick up a really cool Star Wars comic though.

I did get a chance after to get Maggie and myself outside for a bit. Felt so good after being inside for two whole days. If it is like this on Tuesday we might go to the zoo.

In other news Maggie is being super clingy. Especial with me. Usually she is just clingy with mommy. I wonder if this is a phase, or is it just the teeth coming in? Both of her top two teeth are really coming in. The wife thinks she will have a gap. I hope not. I had one and had to get minor surgery to remove it. Not very fun when your seven.

Let's hope this winter is over with. Ready to get outside and be active.

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  1. Adorable pic! I was so happy when that blizzard snow melted. Nearly lost my mind being stuck inside for so long.