Friday, January 21, 2011

Five for Friday: 5 Things for Maggie and I to do indoors.

Happy Everyone!

1. Play peek-a-boo. She loves to play this. It really funny when she puts her hands up or tries to cover her face with a blanket and you can still see her.

2. Play with her new cell phone. Anytime she sees one of us on the phone she puts it up to her ear. We got her a play cell phone and she loves it. We have a lot of phone conversations throughout the day.

3. Play with her baby dolls. We like to practice pushing them in her play stroller.

4. Ride on her play scooter. She loves to ride this. Backwards, forwards, everywhere. She also likes to put things underneath the seat and pull them back out.

5. Practice walking with her and chasing her around the house. She is getting really good at walking while holding on with one hand.

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