Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Went to Story Time and Survived

My wife had to work this previous Monday, so I got to take Maggie to story time this week. I have to admit I was very nervous about taking her. I went to the last story time before Christmas and I sat in a seat while the wife and Maggie sat on the ground. We had gotten there late and there was no room. So I sat there and watched. They sang a bunch of songs I didn't know. Some I did know. Did a bunch of stuff I've never seen . Mostly other moms were there. There was one other SAHD (he's got his hands full with two kids, whoa mama!). There was a lot of activities that they did. I'm usually the sit back and relax kinda guy (I am a little on the shy side and I like it that way). So I wasn't really looking forward to taking Maggie to story time.

You may be asking why I even went even though I didn't want to go. I went because Maggie really loves story time and I love to do things with her. I like to see the smile on her face when we are having fun. When I went with the wife and Maggie, Maggie kept turning around and looking at me and smiling. She only did this because she knew I was there. When I was with her this week, she was so entranced on the librarian. She really wanted nothing to do with anything. She loves hear us read to her. She will sit there and listen the whole time. Maggie also loves to "read" to herself. She will take a book and will keep turning the pages.

So I woke up at 10:22am on Monday. I'm not sure what time Maggie woke up (she sometimes will just sit and play in her crib for a while before she wakes us up). I jumped out of bed and did a mad dash to get us ready to go as story time starts at 11:30am.  I fed both of us. Quickly threw some non-matching-you-can-tell- daddy-dressed-Maggie clothes. I threw a bunch of stuff in the diaper bag (wife hid the small diaper bag on me again so I had to take big one). Then I realized I need to put car-seat in car. Ran downstairs, put it in, started the car since it is January and we live in a freezer that is Chicago. Got us in car and made it with a few minutes to spare. I hate being late. Ask the wife, I like leaving early all the time and if we are running later than I think we should I start freaking out a little.

We found our spot and waited for everything to start. First song, had no idea what was going on. Second song, I knew a little bit more. Third song I thought everyone was looking at me and saying "check out the new guy who doesn't know the songs." Didn't know all of the movements and had miscues, but I think I managed pretty well. Because all it took was Maggie looking up at me and smiling. After that I could care less about everyone else in the room. I was on a mission to make my princess happy.You know what? I did make her happy.

So I guess I had fun. Well o.k. I did. I wouldn't mind going back again. Oh wait, I will be taking her next Monday again as I just found out today. I think this second time I will do a lot better. I will also make sure we get up earlier too.

I want to thank Leilani for helping me by designing the header and button for my blog. She's a great friend and she was a huge help. Check out her blog or follow her on Twitter. You won't be sorry you did. Thanks again for all of your help!


  1. Yay! You survived!

    Ava loves storytime also. It's funny how quickly you get over making an ass out of yourself as a parent - at least I did!

  2. Good on ya mate! Glad you took her to story time. I wish there was a competent story time here. Found ya on S30P!