Saturday, January 29, 2011

Five for Friday on Saturday?

Yes I know it is Saturday. I am a day late.  The wife ended up not going into work yesterday because the didn't need her. We ended up doing some running around yesterday and I was doing homework last night.  So moving on now.

Five things Maggie does not like to do.

1. Have her face washed. She can't stand this and she gets it from me. But I still blame her mother.

2. Have her teeth brushed. She used to like it, now she doesn't. Just like her dad. But we gotta do it twice a day.

3. Mornings. She doesn't do mornings just like her old man. I'm sensing a theme here.

4. Be in the car for long periods. Going on long road trips can be a challenge sometimes.

5. Have her favorite toy we call "B" taken away from her at any time.

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