Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Train Kept A Rollin'

Busy busy busy. That's how I have been lately. I am on spring break and I am still exhausted. No rest for the wicked. Maggie keeps me very busy these days. That 'Lil Stinker doesn't miss a beat. She is learning something new every day. She already knows how to use a credit card at the store.

I know it has been a while since a post. I started writing last weeks Five five Friday and I had to reboot. Blogger didn't feel like saving it for me. So I didn't feel like rewriting it. I think I shall use the topic for this Friday's post. Stay tuned.

Our being busy started last weekend with the unfortunate passing of a close friend of my in-laws and my brother in-laws best friend. He lost his battle with brain cancer after living longer than the doctors gave him. I only hung out with him a few times and I don't think I have ever met a nicer guy. The wife was pretty upset the night we found out. She had known him for twenty years and worked with him for a short time. The wife and Maggie drove down to St. Louis in the morning while I was in class and then I flew down after. I don't think there was a dry eye when they played Taps (he was in Afghanistan when he found out). We came back after the service and went right back to it.

Maggie is just learning new stuff at a really fast pace. We were at the store and she was holding my check card and leaned down to swipe the damn thing! Tonight she learned how to get down off the couch feet first and she is trying to stand on her own. Why is my princess growing up so fast?

The wife is doing great with being pregnant and all. I really am proud of her for doing what she does. She's working full time while I go to school. I may not be working at this time but I am trying to make a better life for my family and that is what keeps me going. She has another ultrasound Thursday and I will be taking Maggie to playgroup. I haven't been to playgroup in so long. I hope they still have that great coffee there.

Since it was my spring break, and since the wife was working this Monday, I took Maggie to story time. My mom was in town, so she went with us. I get to the library and walk back to the room and it is closed. So I go to the main desk and ask if they have moved story time. Turns out the librarian was off this week. I have to admit I was looking forward to it (see surviving story time post).

Well the train that is me keeps on rollin'. I really need to catch up on some sleep. Maybe when the kids are in college? Yeah I didn't think so, I would worry about them too much.

Maggie decided she would learn to use a stool one day. 

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