Friday, March 2, 2012

Five for Friday: Five TIhings I Played With Maggie Today.

1. Cash register. We made several transactions on her Fisher Price cash register. I wanted a real one when I was around six. Santa brought me the Fisher Price one and I was a little mad. I think I threw a fit. I remember being sad that Santa didn't bring me a real one.

2. Bed. One of Maggie's favorite games is to roll around on mommy and daddy's bed. It's big and its soft. She will drag me back to our room and pat the bed and say "dada, bed." She unmakes the bed on a daily basis.

3. Snap dress-up dolly things. There are some kind of dolls that have plastic snap-on clothes. I was told to sit down, so I did and played with her for a bit. Until Lucy started crying.

4. I chased her around the house a few times today.

5. I put the girls high chairs together facing each other so they could play footsies and crack each other up.

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