Friday, March 16, 2012

Five for Friday: Five Reasons Why We Had A Great Week

What can I say. We had a great week. A lot of different things going on here and I am only going to get busier.

1. Got our Tax Return. It helps to have children and go to school to get a good refund.

2. Went to IKEA and picked out our new kitchen. I cannot wait for the new kitchen. Our kitchen now is from the 1950's. NO counter space whatsoever.

3. The wife went out yesterday and bought a Kindle Fire. I dig it. I still want an Ipad, but I didn't want to shell out that much cash. Especially when we are getting a new kitchen.

4. Paid off my car!! Now send me my title! Now to pick out a new car for the wife.

5. Took my first test this week. I did well, but not as well as I would have liked. Although the test format was new to me and to the school. Still need to work out the bugs.

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