Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'll Have the Bath Water Please.

Tonight I have learned a valuable lesson. Kids will pretty much do whatever they want. I learned this while giving Maggie a bath tonight. She decided in the middle of her bath to lean forward and have herself a little drink of bath water. I'm sure my voice was very high pitched (my wife says I do this when I get shocked or surprised) when I reacted to her doing this. I'm just glad I didn't drop any F bombs.
So I scolded her and had to hold her head up because she kept trying to do it again. She's a smart one this one. She then picks up both her feet with her hands and tries to pull herself down to the water while I am holding her head up. After fighting her for a good couple of minutes, I finally had to call my wife in to help me hold her up so I can wash her. Daddy's Little stinker.

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  1. Why do they want to drink the bath water? Mine do the same thing. It turns my stomach when I see them do this and they know better. I haven't changed my mind about drinking the bath water since the last bath time.

  2. I have no idea. We gave her a sippy cup in the bath and she just dunked it under water.