Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Papers and Pics.

Things have been going well here in Chicago. I just got a text that Mayor Daley will not be running for re-election next year. I must say I am shocked, I thought he would die in office like his old man.

School has been going well so for. I just finished my first paper. I've Got a quiz tonight. Maggie and are just chilling today. I've got to study a bit, but we have been playing most of the morning. I put here down in her crib while I hopped in the shower and she fell asleep for an hour. She is now standing up on her own. She enjoys it a lot. When she is standing, it is hard for her to sit down because she keeps her leg stiff and doesn't want to sit. It's too funny.
Maggie is in her pack and play and she is sitting in there just talking the day away. daddadaddadadadadadadadadaadadad or nanananananananannnanananaanananan. I can't get enough of it. I enjoy her sounds she makes.

The pic with Maggie standing up is her at the park standing all by herself. We don't think she is going to crawl at all, she will just start walking one day. She is still just rolling herself all around and hasn't pulled herself to a sitting position yet, but she is getting there.

We got up Sunday and we were reading the paper in bed with Maggie. I was flipping through the the Target ad when my wife and I saw the exact Britax car seat we have been looking for on sale for a $100. We decided to rush out and get one because it was such a great price. We got to Target and we had to ask if they had any in the back and we ended up with the very last one. Yay us!

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