Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back into the Swing

Well it has been a long week for everyone. When we left to go to downstate, we left right after I got out of my night class. We got in at 2:30am. Went smooth though, because Maggie slept the whole way. We had a great time. I even learned that sometimes the party ends early because we have a baby now. We have a million mosquito bites that are still itchy (the bug candle, as we found out, doesn't work below the table you have it sitting on). We left at about 5pm on Sunday, and we got in around 11pm (we got caught in a little traffic due to some idiot riding his bike on the expressway, which cost him his life). I had class all day Monday so I am just now catching up on things.

I have been working on another post which should be up tomorrow on skin cancer. Please feel free to read it, as it is very informative. I must get back to studying. Look for some more pics to be posted this weekend. Oh and Maggie is standing up already!!!!!
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