Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Play Group

The wife and I took Maggie to a playgroup through our church today. It is the start of their fall session. I have to say I was a little overwhelmed this morning when we first walked in. It was a lot bigger than I thought. There must of been fifty moms there. I did see one other father there. I'm just glad I found the coffee. I was about to walk down street to get some and it started pouring. It was good coffee too. Maggie had a lot of fun. There wasn't a whole lot of kids her age, but there are some. They had a bunch of different toys to play with. Maggie really liked the car. We would push her around in it, and she would turn the wheel. She also really enjoyed the Sesame Street pop up thingy that I've been wanting to get her, but I am unable to find one.

I think my wife will be taking her every week, as I feel a little out of place (not to mention I am a little shy). If my wife has to work I will take her though. Looks like it should be some fun. They have events set up every week, including a Halloween party, and some entertainment.

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