Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll.

Everything has been going quite well for us. I am extremely busy with finals coming up next week. I am pretty much done with homework except for one last paper to write. I'm sure there will be more posts next week after I am done.

 Maggie and I are hanging out all day tomorrow while the wife is at work. It is finally getting warmer out and I think we will be outside a lot tomorrow. Maggie is also walking a lot more on her own. She will get up and just start walking around the house, after she grabs her purse of course. She is getting to a point where she just wants to walk by herself when we are out of the house.

Maggie and her purse.

Maggie also likes to surprise us (a lot!) by showing us things we had no idea she knew how to do. She picked up the wife's nail file the other day and tried to do her nails. She even folded her fingers back. We have no idea where she learned it because it was a file the wife hasn't used in months. I tried to get a picture of it but I was to late. 

I took Maggie to the park last weekend. 

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