Friday, May 27, 2011

Five for Friday: Five Things I am Excited About Buying a House.

Yes we are buying a house. This is the news I would discuss later. Well it's later. We have been looking for some time now. Nothing was for sure until a few weeks ago when a house we looked at in February price kept dropping. We decided to put in an offer because the timing was right because of our lease ending in September. We are due to close in August. We got lucky we put in an offer when we did. Another couple put in an offer that night, but we were already under contract. The owner lives in MI and he just happened to be in town that day. We had the inspection today and everything looks good.

So here are 5 reasons I am excited about buying a house:

1. Basement! I will now have my own space in the basement to do with what I please. All my toys and sports stuff can go up finally! The house even has a little work shop in the basement with a bunch of old tools. I can finally get the bigger boy toys like a table grinder and a kick ass sander. Maybe I will even start painting again.

2. Garage! I can park in my own space. My car has had hundreds of dollars of damage just from me parking on the street because some jack ass scraped my car. I can also do more work on my car again that I will have a work space for it. Got to convince the wife to get an air compressor, hehe.

3. The kids will have a (big by Chicago standards) back yard. A place we can go any time and do what we please. The yard also has a place to put a table, chairs and my grill. A great place to hang dry the diapers.

4. The space we will have! The house is the same square footage as the apartment we are in now, but that doesn't count the basement or attic. We are going to need more furniture.

5. No more paying to do our own laundry! As you know we cloth diaper and it can be a pain to run out and get quarters to do your own laundry. And with another baby on the way we will be doing twice the diapers.

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