Friday, May 6, 2011

Five For Friday: Five Things I Miss About Being A Kid.

After week off, we're back in the saddle.

1. Opening baseball cards. I used to save my lunch money to buy packs. There were 25 cents back then. Now there over two bucks! I know this because I buy a pack every now and again. I miss getting all excited when I found that one card I wanted. I actually am still in the hunt for the Nolan Ryan autograph from the 1991 Upper Deck cards. Twenty years and counting. In the past few years I bought a few boxes trying to find it. I will not rest until I find one! He is one of my favorite players and I saw him play many times.

2. Sleeping in. I am (more like was) a big sleeper. I used to work nights so I could sleep in every day. My record for sleeping is 16 hours and I was ten! (I've broken this but I was sick so I'm not counting it)

3. Riding my bike everywhere. I used to love riding it. I wouldn't mind riding it now, but I hate these bikers in the city, they never obey the law and I have almost hit a few of them.

4. Playing sports. I used to play baseball, soccer, and tennis. My body is getting old and beat up, so I don't play as much as I used to. I do wish I was still playing tennis. I really miss playing I would love to play it again, so if your in Chicago and you wanna play, hit me up.

5. Just being a kid. Oh wait am just a big kid at heart.

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  1. I miss the bubble gum that you would get with the packs of cards. Sleep, yeah, don't get much of it nowadays, but I try to get as much as I can on my down time. I too am still a kid a heart, that part of me will never leave.