Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Tips On Dealing With A Crying Baby.

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Babies cry. That's a fact. They cry for many reasons, dirty diaper, hungry, too hot/cold etc. It is their way of telling you something. If you're a parent you have probably figured out what different cries mean. After a while you get used to what cry means what.

I think I have done a pretty good job on dealing with my daughter when she is crying. She really doesn't cry that often but when she gets going she can't cry louder that a screaming banshee. If you're anything like me you probably don't like to hear your baby cry. For me, I just want to make things better and make whatever is wrong right. Here are some of my tips that I have learned while being a new father.

1. Stay calm. There is no reason to get upset. Remember it's a child, a baby at that, whose only form of communication is crying. I have only raised my voice slightly. It was when I first was home alone with her and she was about two months old. She wouldn't stop crying. I think all I said was "Maggie stop crying". I had to get my wife to call me from work because I sure as hell didn't know what I was doing. My wife talked me through it and I rocked her in our rocking chair and everything was fine. I only got upset because I was frustrated and didn't know what to do.

2. Check diaper. Most of the time it is usually a dirty diaper.

3. Hold the baby or rock them in a chair.

4. Try a form of soothie (pacifier, favorite toy, if mommy is around try a breast if you breast feed, self feeder). Amazingly, Maggie does not like pacifiers or to use the soothie anymore. She likes the self feeder with frozen bananas now.

3. Feed the baby. Bottle, Solid food, Teething biscuits.

4. Put them in a happy place. A swing, jumper or just on a blanket on the floor.

5. Take the baby outside (weather permitting of course). Carry the baby out in the back yard. Take them for a walk.

6. Go for a drive. Most babies fall asleep in the car so go through a drive through and get something to drink and drive around for a bit. Next thing you know they will be out like a light (or like her uncle says, who had had one too many and says "if she was a light switch she would be off". True story.)

7. Bribe the baby with cash, just kidding. Call for help. It's ok to ask for help. Call your wife, mom or mother in law (if she likes you). Ask a neighbor or a friend for help. Trust me, I've had to do it a few times. Don't be afraid. Remember the baby out ranks you now so you gotta do what's best for them.

So far I have had good luck with just these steps. I hope they helped and If you have any questions please ask. I've learned being a new father is tough. But I also know for a fact it will get easier.

Well I decided to write a little on this because this just happened to me. Maggie woke up from her nap screaming and all red. She was pissed. So I went through my steps and ended up giving her a self feeder. Calmed her right down. Happy baby, happy daddy.

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