Friday, August 20, 2010

5 For Friday: Reasons why I am a lucky father so far.

Well since I have not received any complaints or threats of bodily harm yet I will continue 5 For Friday. This week is 5 Reasons I am a lucky father so far.

1. Maggie hardly ever spits up (more like never). With me its been only about three times. I've been peed on more times than that.

2. She has never really been sick. Maggie has had a slight cold but that is it. I thought for sure she would get sick when I had a nasty stomach virus. After being sick at home with her for two days I went to the doctor. I was told by my doctor not to come in contact with her due to her age. I had to quarantine myself to Maggie's room while she slept with my wife in our bedroom in the pack and play. I guess she got my wife excellent nursing immune system. Because neither of them got sick.

3. She is a very quiet baby. When we are out in public she hardly ever makes noise. This may be changing though. As she likes to go dadadadadadadadada all day. But she doesn't really do it in front of other people.

4. Best baby mama ever. She has been very patient with me while teaching me the fine art of taking care of a baby.

5. Maggie has been sleeping through the night since she was about six weeks old. Hardly ever wakes up. If she does it's around 6am so its not that bad. Now getting her to sleep may be a little difficult some times but once she out she's out.

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