Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do you have the TV on around the baby.

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Having the TV on when the baby is up is one of the few disagreements my wife and I have about raising Maggie. My wife would not like it on at all. I disagree a little mostly because I am selfish in the fact that I want to watch TV. I have cut my TV time to a minimum. I may have the TV on in the morning when I am feeding her and the news on while I play with her, but that is it. I have had trouble feeding her sometimes when I feed her because she will stop eating and look at the TV. I just turn it off then.

Now I have used the TV to calm her down too. The wife uses it when she cuts Maggie's nails. She will turn on Sesame Street On Demand and Maggie just zones out on it which is just fine because it is after all Sesame Street and it rules! There is two kid's show's you just don't disrespect and will always be welcome in my home that is Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. Now I'm not going to have it on 24/7. I still believe there should have limits on how much TV kids watch. Get outside and play for crying out loud.

Yes my daughter is only eight months old but I will take her to the park or just for a walk. I want to set a good example and get on the routine of her being active and not needing TV. Childhood obesity rates are through the roof in this country. Yes I know diet has a lot to do with it but so does exercise, Maggie is not going to get much exercise sitting in front of the TV.

Yes I like to watch TV. It happens to be on in the other room right now and I have the news on just to listen to it. Maggie is in the pack and play (she's getting fast at moving around and if you take your eye off her she will be under the couch, and right now she is plotting her escape) in the room with me and can not see the TV, so I don't feel so bad. But if she wants to go play and roll around on ground I will turn it off before she does like I did this morning and happened to get down on the floor and play with her. I know some parents will just set their kids in front of the TV all day, which is their right but I would disagree with this. Kids need to be active and interact with other kids. I know I do not take Maggie to the park or outside as much as I should, but I know when she gets older and we both can get more out of it I know we will spend a lot more time outdoors. It will also give me an excuse to get my lazy ass outside.

So I leave you with this thought. Do you think your kids watch to much TV. You may surprise yourself with the answer.
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  1. When our daughter was born we didn't have the TV on around her at all. Around 9-10 months that changed. We let her watch a baby sign language video. Then it gradually became a daily routine. We now have two kids and they both watch TV in the mornings before breakfast and then for a half hour after breakfast. Then we get ready for the day and head outside..weather permitting. Sure there are some days we don't even come close to going outside on a beautiful day and that is my fault. And on those days I might let the TV be a babysitter for a little while longer. I gotta get some work done at some point. Anyway, do what you do and don't give a rats ass about what other people think. They're doing stuff wrong too...we all do stuff wrong. BTW I really enjoy your blog. It's very conversational and I like that quality in writing.

  2. Cool, glad you like it. My wife and I were just talking about the baby sign language videos. Sometimes, just like you, I get busy and forget to take the baby outside. It happens. Being a SAHD is like two full time jobs and your the kids are the boss'.