Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sometimes it's hard to discipline cause they are too damn cute.

Maggie and I were at Target today picking up a few things for school. I was starving, so I got a pretzel. I was nice enough to share with Maggie.

She was well behaved until I got to the school supply isle. She started doing her eating of the shopping cart thing she does. Usually we tell her no, and she stops. Not today my friends. She must of liked something on the cart because she kept going and going. Even after I scolded her. As I'm looking right at her and telling her in a stern voice 'we don't eat the grocery cart', she would just look back and put on a huge smile on her face. The first two times she did it I just blew it off. But the third time she did this (I think she put a little extra sugar into it), I almost started laughing. But I held character. What can I say she is too damn cute.

So all I did was just tightened the strap so she couldn't reach the bar on the cart. It worked.

I see this becoming a problem in the future. I need to take action now to block the "I'm so cute to be bad" look. But I doubt I will ever be able to. She's my little princess. Damn I wish I had the Force.
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  1. Somewhere between 2-3 years old it starts to become not so damn cute. There will be days you'll think Maggie has lost her hearing.
    Kevin (