Thursday, August 19, 2010

A day in the life of a SAHD

Well I've decided to share what a typical day is like when my wife is at work. I've said before it can make for a long day. So here is my typical day:

5:30am Wife gets up. Always wakes me up via the alarm. Fall back asleep.
6:30am Wife leaves for work.
7-9am Maggie wakes up. Usually at nine. ( she wakes up so late because she is usually up until 9-10pm due to my wife's schedule)
9-10am Maggie gets a bottle.
10-12pm Play time, errands, walk to park.
12-1pm Maggie gets solid food and a small bottle.
1-3pm Nap time for Maggie. I usually catch up on TV and computer stuff.
3-5pm Maggie is up. Another bottle. I run errands more play time and maybe go to the park.
5-6pm More Solid food and another small bottle followed by late afternoon/evening nap.
5-7pm Clean house, more TV, computer.
6-8pm Maggie is up and she plays while I do chores around house and make dinner.
8pm Wife is home from work and we eat dinner.
9-10pm Wife and I get Maggie ready for bed. Bath if needed. Read to her.
10pm-12am Watch TV with wife and hit the sack.

In between all of this I have to find time to feed myself and do my things for the day. Such as laundry. I'm sure I'm missing a lot in here but this is just a summary of my day.

I'm not going to lie, this job was very hard at first; but Maggie and I have found a routine. It's still hard but I'm just better at it now.

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