Thursday, August 12, 2010

The In-laws Are Coming!

Yes, the in-laws are coming. Most husbands would run for the hills or their man caves. I, however, have no need to do this as I get along great with my in-laws. Always have. It made asking my father in-law to marry his daughter pretty easy. When they visit it also makes a great excuse for me to go to the cigar store (one of my vices yes, but never around the baby!). It is something my father in-law and I both enjoy.

I also get along with both of her brothers and sisters in law. One of her brothers lives in Chicago and he sometimes helps out with Maggie. Although I think his fiancee may enjoy it a little more than he does, but they both love it.

The plan is for me to be the pit master on Saturday before we all go to the White Sox - Tigers baseball game, which I do not mind one single bit as I love to use my grill. I have perfected my brisket and ribs now and I'm starting to move on to other challenges. The hardest one being my BBQ sauce. I've made some good ones but it's not there yet. I'm thinking of doing pork steaks but who knows. I'm doing fish later this month, don't know what kind yet. Thinking a mixed seafood grill.

Well let's hope that Maggie does ok at the game and does not get to hot or mommy and daddy will have to go home early.

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