Monday, August 23, 2010

A Couple of Firsts

We had a couple of firsts today. Today was my first day of school (happens to be the longest too, 4 classes), and Maggie stood up with help for the first time today. She did it right as I left for my night class. Maggie also clapped for the first time today. We have been teaching her how to do it for the past few days and today as we were showing her she clapped once. She is growing up so fast. Everyone says that but I never really believed it. I never knew how much fun it could be teaching them everything. It's awesome.

I already have homework. What a bummer. I think I will do well this semester. My wife is telling me I am setting a good example for Maggie. I would definitely agree with that. We actually need to start a college fund for her. She has a savings account already and a bunch of savings bonds, so at least we have something. She also has a piggy bank and ever since she got it I have been putting most of my pocket change in there. Like my father, I like to save my pocket change. I'm using the same stein he used.

Maggie was already asleep when I got home. At least I have her all day tomorrow and Wednesday. Ah the life of a SAHD and now a full time student. I can't wait to practice standing up with her.
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