Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Late Night

Maggie just fell asleep finally. For the second night in a row she has been up late. For some reason she just doesn't want to go to sleep. We are pretty sure it is her teeth. I wish they would hurry up and get here.

For the first time since she was three months old she is using a soothie. She stopped using them so we just put them away. Then we found one we call "Howard" (it's a duck, get it?) and Monday she didn't take it out of her mouth for an hour. I went to give her a bottle, she reaches for it and she still had Howard in her mouth. Too funny.

Tonight I was holding her and my wife would feed her then I would hold her on and on. Nothing seemed to be working. This is very unusual for Maggie because it is usually very easy to put her to bed. Every once in a while she will fuss, but rarely makes it past 1030pm. My wife had to get to sleep because she has to work tomorrow, so she just fed her in bed and the both are asleep now and I had to move Maggie into her crib. When she was weeks old this was our routine every night. It was the only thing that would work. Whatever works. Now to kiss my princess goodnight.

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