Friday, August 6, 2010

Something new. 5 for Friday

I'm going to try out something new today, bear with me. I would like to do a feature once a week. So I came up with 5 for Friday. This will be just a list of 5 things I may like or dislike in no particular Order Let's try it shall we?

5 of the best purchases we've made for Maggie

1. Lincoln Park Zoo membership. In the coming months and years we will add more memberships. You can't beat it if you like to go a lot.

2. Fisher Price Rain Forest Jumperoo. Maggie loves this thing!

A photo I took of a lion at the Lincoln Park Zoo.Image via Wikipedia

3. Fisher Price swing. We don't use as much as we used to but it has helped us get Maggie to sleep many times. I call it daddy's little helper.

4. Cloth diapers. Due to Maggie getting my sensitive skin I'm glad we went this route. Not to mention all the money we have saved.

5. The mobile thing on the side of Maggie's crib. I have no idea what the name of this is but she loves watching it as she falls asleep

Like I said his usual position

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