Sunday, August 15, 2010

Breakfast Not At Tiffany's

The In-laws took us out to breakfast this morning to the Alps restaurant. It is one of our favorite diner style places to get breakfast. Everything there is really good. Maggie had her favorite dish of applesauce. She always does so well eating out. She can even drink out of a regular glass. She can't hold it yet but she can drink out of it when we hold it for her. She definately knows what a water glass is because when she sees it she will reach for it. Maggie also got to try some of daddy's pancakes. She is so funny when she tries something for the first time, she has this look on her face like she is very contemplative. A photograph of applesauce, specifically Musse...Image via Wikipedia

Maggie and mommy went to a baby shower today. Some good friends of ours are having a baby boy in October. So the baby daddy and I went out and did some man/kid stuff by going to the toy store (I got a killer old school Star Wars figure), and baseball card shop. I only got a few packs at the shop though.

When the my girls got home from the shower and after Maggie's nap we went on a walk to the park. Maggie just loves the swings and I love taking her on them.

Maggie fell right asleep tonight she had such a big weekend. Grandma and Grandpa just love seeing her and of course brought a gift ( I think that's in the by-laws of being a grandparent), a cute little dress. They will be seeing her when we go to down state Illinois and visit in two weeks for their annual church fest, Always a good time!
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