Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Turn up the radio!

Yes 80's rock rules. But that was over 20 years ago. If you know what band sang that song I applaud you. But moving on I find myself turning the music down now when Maggie is in the car or when we are at home. I didn't even have it that loud yesterday but the father in me told me to turn it down. I still listen to the same stuff I did 20 years ago. Except now when Maggie is listening with me I've been skipping songs that are inappropriate for young minds yet alone the general public. I must be getting old. Hey you damn kids get off my lawn.

Maggie is finally back on schedule after being out with family and friends all weekend. We had a great time in the pool on Saturday. Maggie did great except for the drinking of the pool water which she started getting sneaky about. I'd grab her one hand and she would stick the other in the pool.

We will be ordering new diapers for Maggie soon. We are getting the next size up of pre-folds. I think we have decided on getting the sprayer for the toilet. Makes cleaning the poopy diapers easier. We have these flushable inserts now which work ok. I wish we just get the all in one diapers which go on just like disposable diapers. Very easy. I love the Bum Genius ones we have now they are great. But we only use them at night now.

Maggie's first tooth is on it's way and will be here any day now. She keeps rolling on her tummy and hasn't figured out how to roll to her back yet. I have to help her when she gets frustrated. Now back to being a parent and run some errands.

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